Match No. 1: El Puerto Ricano vs. Damian 666. Match joined in progress. Both are fighting on top of a table. Sabu comes into the ring. Sabu does cross body block over the top rope onto both guys then throws chairs at them. He lays them both on the table and does a springboard legdrop onto both guys and through the table. I guess this would be considered a squash. Rating: *

Match No. 2: Shane Douglas vs. 2 Cold Scorpio for ECW TV Title. Long time before they lock up. Is Heyman trying to get this one match to fill the entire show? Boring back-and-forth early. Douglas throws chair at Scorpio and gets a two count. Douglas backdrops Scorpio to the floor and he hits a baseball slide. Followed by a springboard corss body block to the floor. Shane hits slingshot suplex on Scorpio who gets dumped on the guard rail and falls on his head. Scorpio with huge clothesline on the floor. Douglas throws Scorpio into the crowd after he tries a leap. They fight in the crowd. Douglas takes a crutch shot to the back. Followed by a chair shot to the head. Douglas lifts Scorpio up for power bomb and drops him on the floor. Scorpio kicks Shane in the balls. Then gives him two chair shots. Scorpio hits a handspring and catches Douglas with a kick as he flips, followed by a moonsault to the floor. Douglas hits the barricade hard. Scorpio lays Douglas on the ringside table. Douglas hides from him and then catches him from behind. Scorpio does victory roll and bridge but Douglas kicks out. Scorpio hits superkick. Douglas hits corkscrew suplex. Scorpio hits another superkick. Scorpio with a moonsault but he gets up before the three count. He goes up again and hits a 450 splash (Scorpio Splash) but doesn’t try for the pin. Scorpio with a legdrop. Douglas hits back suplex and bridges for a two count. Douglas with a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Douglas hits power bomb from the top rope but Scorpio kicks out. Shane hits belly-to-belly superplex for the pin. Damn good match. They really picked it up at the end. Rating: ***1/2

Scorpio looks like he is going to cry afterwards. Shane cuts a promo. He puts over Steamboat, Funk, Malenkos, Guerreros, Benoit and Heyman. He also puts over Scorpio. He tells Scorpio to put on his belt. Scorpio gives him a belt shot, a piledriver and a legdrop from the top rope with a chair and the belt on his face.

Pulp Ficton montage with Sandman and Missy; Eliminators cut a promo; Dudleys are idiots; Dreamer cuts promo with a nice mullet; Douglas babbles; Taz actually speaks; Douglas babbles some more; D.J. Ran, whoever the fuck he is, cuts a promo and intros Gangstas and New Jack cuts long crazy promo.