Show opens with Buh Buh in the ring with the mic. Francine makes fun of Bubba’s unit. Devon enters the ring and takes the mic.

Match No. 1: Dudley Boys vs. The Pitbulls. Dudleys attack Pitbulls before the bell. Action spills outside. They brawl into the crowd. Tons of chair shots. They brawl on the stage next to the announce booth. Joey Styles cuts into taped match with a “live” update that the Pitbulls were injured as they were about to film a training video in Long Island. Action is finally in the ring as we return. More chairshots in and out of the ring. Devon gets planted face first into the chair by Gary Wolfe. Anthony Durante gives Buh Buh a super bomb. Devon makes the save with several chair shots. Referee Paul Richards gets a chair shot as well from Devon. Durante then gives Richards a super bomb. I guess that’s it. No real finish but tons of stiff brawling. RIP Durante. Rating: ***
Segment with Sandman and Missy Hyatt that is interrupted by a “live” report by Styles. Dreamer taken away in a second ambulance. Pitbulls apparently were taken away in the first ambulance. 
Match No. 2: Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu. This is their first match together. Van Dam does Rolling Thunder into a vertical splash. Sabu throws him to the floor. Sabu pulls Van Dam into the ring with his back on the middle rope. He hits guillotine leg drop on Van Dam. He follows with a camel clutch. Then a single leg boston crab. Sabu tries to land on his feet out of backdrop but falls. He’s such a sloppy technical wrestler. Sabu sets Van Dam on the top turn buckle. He climbs to the top rope and drop kicks him to the floor. Sabu then does a flip dive onto Van Dam on the floor. Van Dam tries moonsault off the barricade but Sabu shoves him into the crowd. Sabu hits him with a chair shot in the crowd. Sabu does Triple Jump Arabian Press onto Van Dam in the front row. Crazy fucking move, no wonder he is nearly crippled. Sabu sets up table between ring and barricade. He puts Van Dam on the table. Van Dam moves and Sabu jumps over the table onto the floor. No wonder his knees are shot. Sabu tries to jump on Van Dam but slips on the table. Another trademark sloppy spot by Sabu. With Sabu on the barricade, Van Dam jumps onto chair then ring apron then gives Sabu a kick to the solar plexus. Van Dam does flip from ring apron with chair onto Sabu. Van Dam hits springboard leg drop. Van Dam fucks up bow and arrow the first time but hits it the second time. Dumb move to do with a broken wrist. Van Dam goes for a power slam but Sabu spikes him on his head. Van Dam does somersault plancha onto Sabu on the floor. Sabu goes for top rope move on Van Dam but Van Dam shoves him onto the table on the floor. Sabu gets another table. He puts Van Dam on it. Sabu holds onto the top rope and flips onto Van Dam. Table doesn’t break. He does it again and the table breaks. Sabu his split legged moonsault for a two count. Sabu misses a clothesline. Van Dam hits german suplex for a near fall. Van Dam misses somersault neckbreaker from the top rope. Van Dam hits guillotine leg drop onto Sabu, followed by a slingshot leg drop. Sabu drops both knees on Van Dams back and he goes face first into the chair. Van Dam is sitting on the top rope and Sabu gives him a ddt. Van Dam kicks out somehow. Sabu hits triple jump moonsault for the pin. Styles calls it the greatest match in the career of both men. Four missed moves say otherwise, although they did punish the hell out of each other. Too sloppy to be called a classic. RIP Sabu’s body. Rating: ***
Dreamer with Kimona and Beulah. Styles interrupts again with “live” report. Eliminators cut promo. Saturn has blood on hands. 
Taz and Joey Styles put over Heyman and his limited production crew.