Match No. 1: Raven vs. Shane Douglas. Boring early. Best part is chant of “Stevie swallows” to Stevie Richards. Raven takes bump into the guard rail. Shane does a nice dive over the top rope. Raven takes another hard bump to the floor. Shane beating on Raven in the crowd. He even uses a cheese grater. Twice. Raven gets the upper hand and tosses Shane onto the stage. Raven is busted open. Shane gives Raven a piledriver as they get back in the ring. Shane hits a belly to belly suplex. No referee. Brian Lee had come into interfere and Tommy Dreamer got rid of him. Douglas then doublecrosses Dreamer. They fight in the middle of the match. Douglas drops Raven on the top rope, then turnbuckle. Douglas hits cross body block but Raven rolls through. Douglas hits figure four. Meanie goes for moonsault, causing Douglas to break the hold. Douglas uses half boston crab, but Richards gives him a superkick. Raven gets a near fall. Shane hits ddt for a near fall. Douglas unlaces Raven’s boot. He puts on the figure four. One of the Bruise Brothers interferes as the referee is distracted. Raven then hits Douglas with his boot for the pin. Crazy match, but pretty damn good. Rating: ***1/2

Crybaby Shane cuts a promo. He gets interrupted by 2 Cold Scorpio who cuts a promo on Shane. Shane jumps him from behind. And beats him with his belt. Sandman comes in. Shane gives him a belly to belly suplex. Shane canes Sandman and Scorpio. He then piledrives Scorpio on his belt.
New Jack cuts a promo on the Eliminators as their classic feud continues. Saturn cuts a promo wearing a gay pink t-shirt. Kronus giggles like an idiot.
Match No. 2: Axl Rotten vs. Little Guido. Guido hits Axl with a chair. Axl uses inside cradle but J.T. Smith is distracting the referee. Guido misses a leg drop from the top rope. Axl with a huge clothesline. Axl drops Guido on his head for the pin. Short average match. Rating: ***
Match No. 3: Taz vs. Devon Storm. Damn is Joel Gertner skinny. Storm has a terrible ring outfit. A cross between the Rock & Roll Express and Green Lantern. Bill Alfonso pisses off the crowd by stepping on a Flyers jersey. Taz hits an exploder (T-Bone) suplex. Storm actually hits a baseball slide on Taz and gives him a chair shot to the head. He sets Taz in a chair and hits flip dive on top of him. Storm then hits a moonsault for a near fall. Wow, he’s getting a lot of offense on Taz. Storm misses a moonsault with a chair. Taz hits Storm with a chair. Taz suplexes Storm over the top rope and onto the floor. He took a huge bump and missed the table that was supposed to break his fall. Storm is counted out. Taz uses half nelson choke (Tazmission) for good measure. Taz didn’t get a chance to show much as Storm obviously could not continue. Rating: **1/2
Pulp Fiction montage with Bill Alfonso & Taz; Miss Hyatt shows off her tits; Kimona shows off her pussy, which she is holding in her arms and appears to be a tabby; Bubba & Devon act like fools; Blue Meanie acts like a fool as well; New Jack calls out the Eliminators; Blue Meanie does his same old schtick; Alfonso rambles; New Jack says he spray painted the Eliminators’ belts; Eliminators jump Gangstas in the parking lot and spray paint their backs.