Gangstas in the ring with Joey Styles. New Jack cuts a promo. He calls out the Eliminators. They come to the ring and brawl. Great action. Scrubs come out to break things up. Not a match, but we will treat it like one. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 1: Super Nova vs. El Puerto Ricano. Nova does handstand dive off the top rope onto the floor. Nice move. Nova hits nice tiger bomb. Ricano does moonsault from middle rope onto Nova outside the ring. Eliminators beat up both guys. Bullshit finish, but decent match between the two rookies. Rating: **1/2
Saturn calls out the Gangstas. They come to the ring with weapons. They fight in the ring, in the crowd, outside the ring and back in the ring. Mustafa gives Kronus a belt shot to the head. Scrubs again breaks things up. 
Little Guido and J.T. Smith at Geno’s. Nice skit.
Match No. 2: Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer does jawbreaker on Lee using chair. They go into the crowd. Dreamer gives Lee a bulldog on the stage. They fight on the bleachers. Lee gives Dreamer three nut shots with the bottom of the barricade. Referee takes a bump. Dreamer hits ddt but no ref. Bruise brothers come into the ring. Dreamer takes double chairshot from kicks to the head. He somehow kicks out. He hits a ddt. Bruise Brothers back in the ring. They put cinder block on Dreamer’s groin and hit him with chair shot. Lee gets the pin. Pretty good brawl. Rating: ***1/2
Montage with Sandman and Missy Hyatt. She was still fairly hot. 
Raven comes to the ring with Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie. Shane has the big announcement. He says Beulah was cheating on both Dreamer and Raven. With Kimona. That motherfucking Heyman cuts away before they kiss. Styles explains that stations like MSG dropped ECW for showing the kiss.