Kenny Albert interviews Shane Douglas at Madison Square Garden. How the hell did they get Kenny Albert? Shane rips on The Clique and WCW. 

Match highlights: Devon Dudley debuts, crowning J.T. Smith with a chair shot. Little Guido also takes a chair shot to the head. Sabu and Mikey Whipwreck destroy each other. Ten years later, both of their bodies are destroyed. 
Match No. 1: Taz vs. Chris Jericho in a shoot fight. Alfonso nails Jericho in the head with a chair. Taz uses Tazplex for submission. Alfonso then pays off the ref, who was Taz’s sensei. Decent but quick. Rating: **
Montage with the Dudleys. 
Match No. 2: Eliminators vs. Joel Hartgood & El Puerto Ricano. Squash. Rating: **
Gangstas brawl with Eliminators afterwards. Damn good brawl. New Jack and Mustafa cuffed after New Jack decks a “cop”.
Match highlights from Sandman & Scorpio vs. Headhunters. Gangstas come back wearing handcuffs and they attack the Headhunters. Eliminators come to the ring with chairs and attack Gangstas. Styles makes a crack about a stolen production truck, referring to Johnny Grunge’s arrest a couple of months earlier for taking a WCW production van without permission. 
Eliminators cut a quick promo.
Raven slaps Kimona for some inexplicable reason after some tramp jumps in the ring and makes out with Blue Meanie.
Match No. 3: The Pitbulls & Tommy Dreamer vs. The Bruise Brothers & Brian Lee. All six guys fight in the crowd, then outside the arena, then outside the ring. Dreamer goes for the pin on Lee, but Raven breaks things up. He then ddt’s Dreamer. Bruise Brothers win after putting two chairs to Dreamer’s head and double dropkicking the chairs. Raven is in the ring after the match and Dreamer sets up a table. He puts Raven on the table and Pitbul No. 2 power bombs Dreamer onto Raven, breaking the table. Great brawl. Rating: ***
Pulp Fiction montage with Shane Douglas; Raven; Bill Alfonso; J.T. Smith; Damian Kane and Alexandra; J.T. Smith again; Taz; Brian Lee; Tommy Dreamer; Eliminators; Shane Douglas again; Kimona sporting a black eye; Raven again