Show opens with a recap of the promo by the Eliminators from the previous week.

Raven & The Bruise Brothers (Ron & Don Harris) in the ring with Raven’s doctor. He says Raven’s foot is completely hosed. Sandman comes to the ring and interrupts things. As Sandman drinks a beer, Raven hits him. The Harris boys lay the boots to him. Shane Douglas tries to make the save but he gets beaten down. Tommy Dreamer also comes out and he piledrives Raven as the others fight outside the ring. He then puts Raven in the figure four. Brian Lee, the younger brother of the Harris twins, then attacks Dreamer and leaves him laying.

Raven and the Bruise Brothers pissed off in the locker room as they cut a promo.

Match No. 1: Joel Hartgood vs. Broad Street Bully. This is a nothing match. They cut backstage and Raven and the Bruise Brothers are still pissed. Hot as hell Kimona Wanaleia is massaging Raven’s foot. Back in the ring, Axl Rotten has a barbed wire bat. He hits the bully in the gut. Then he clotheslines Hartgood and beats on him. He hits another huge clothesline and gets the pin. Paul Heyman gets credit for entertaining squashes. Rating: **

Match No. 2: Sandman & Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas vs. Raven & the Bruise Brothers. Sandman is in the crowd with Missy Hyatt. So are the other two. Stevie Richards nails Sandman with two chair shots to the head. Blue Meanie and Richards work over Sandman. Others are fighting in the crowd. Back in the ring, Dreamer worked over by the Bruise Brothers. He takes a boot to the face and takes a nice bump from the apron into the guard rail. He then bumps into a table that doesn’t break. But Raven drops an elbow on him and the table collapses. Raven headbutts Dreamer in the balls. Dreamer then dropped on his throat on the top rope. Raven ddt’s Dreamer onto a chair. Dreamer ducks a big boot and one Harris nails the other. Douglas finally tags in. He uses a belly to belly suplex and a cross body block. Raven beating on Douglas outside the ring. Harris brothers doing the same inside the ring. Brian Lee all over Dreamer outside the ring. Raven with a fist drop in Douglas’ nuts. He’s getting beaten by the three of them as Lee and Dreamer fight to the back. Raven gives Douglas a piledriver. He barely kicks out. Raven gives him a ddt on a chair and kicks out again. Sandman comes back to ringside. Raven sets up a chair in the corner. Douglas bumps hard into the chair. A second time. The third time he hits Raven with the chair. Douglas makes the tag and Sandman hits everyone with the cane. Raven destroys Sandman with the cane. Everyone is fighting in the crowd. Douglas bumps hard through the table at the snack bar. Dreamer then bumps hard into a metal door. Sandman into the door. Dreamer gives Raven a nutshot and a chair to the back. Dreamer brings the door into the ring. He piledrives Raven and is about to get the pin but it is broken up. Sandman hits a leg drop from the top rope. Douglas hits belly to belly on Raven on the door for the pin. Douglas takes a chair to the face from a kick. Twice. Damn good old school brawl. Reminds me of Memphis, where Heyman learned the trade. Beulah jumps on Raven’s back. The Harris brothers hold her. Raven hits Kimona as the show goes off the air. Rating: ****