Joey Styles interrupted by Damien Kane. He cuts a promo alongside his hot valet and wife, Alexandra, showing off her cleavage.

Match No. 1: Damien Kane vs. El Puerto Ricano (Pablo Marquez). Kane attacks the poor kid before the bell, gives him a huge clothesline and then suplexes him over the top rope onto the concrete. He takes a nasty face first bump onto the concrete. Mikey Whipreck comes to the ring. Mikey with a cross body block on Kane on the floor. He tosses Kane over the guard rail. Kane uses slingshot suplex on Mikey. He hits a frankenmikey for the pin. Entertaining mic work and match. Rating: ***

Match No. 2: The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa) vs. Blue Meanie & Chad Austin. New Jack beating the shit out of Austin. Mustafa whipping up on Meanie. New Jack drops chair from the top rope on Austin for the pin. Entertaining squash. Rating: **

New Jack cuts a promo. He calls out the Eliminators.

Match No. 3: The Eliminators (Perry Saturn & John Kronus) vs. The Dark Riders (Billy Black & the Stud). Billy Black with a nice flip dive off the ring apron. Stud with a huge elbow drop. Saturn hits an elbow on Black. Saturn with a brain buster on Black, follwed by a moonsault. Black hits splash on Kronus. They use total elimination for the pin. Highlights only, but it looked like a pretty good match. RIP Kronus. Rating: ***

Saturn cuts a promo and calls out the Gangstas. They brawl in the ring. And outside the ring. Mustafa piledrives Kronus. Saturn and New Jack fighting outside the arena. Mustafa takes total elimination on the stage. Eliminators have New Jack in the ring. They put him between two tables and tape it together. Then they give him the total elimination. Damn good brawl. Rating: ****

New Jack gets stretchered from the ring.

Match No. 4: Bubba Ray Dudley (with Sign Guy, Big Dick and Chubby Dudley) vs. Taz (with Bill Alfonso). Bubba tries to say his name and Taz smacks the shit out of him. Nice standing dropkick by Bubba. Bubba goes to the top rope. Taz sneaks behind him and pulls him to the mat hard. Bubba splashes Taz. Taz hits northern lights suplex. Bubba to the top rope. He misses a splash. Taz hits an exploder suplex. He wins with tazmission. Taz won’t break the move so Big Dick hits him with a steel crutch. Dick goes to press slam Alfonso but Taz chop blocks him in his bad knee. Taz then puts him in a leg lock. Alfonso gives Sign Guy a nasty chair shot to the head. Taz cuts a promo afterwards. Damn good match. Rating: ****

Pulp fiction montage. Taz calls out Pillman. The Pit Bulls call out the Gangstas and the Eliminators and all others. Raven’s doctor tells him not to wrestle anymore. Sandman pounds a beer with Missy Hyatt’s rack in his face. J.T. Smith cuts promo on Hack Meyers. Eliminators call out Gangstas. Shane Douglas rambles like the pussy that he is.