Show opens with Brian Pillman wrestling a pencil.

Promo with Shane Douglas. What a cheesy douchebag. He is the perfect face for 1990’s Philadelphia.

Tommy Dreamer promo talking like Raven. Nice ECW jacket.

Highlights from Cyber Slam 1996.

Match No. 1: Sabu vs. 2 Cold Scorpio for ECW TV title. Obvious move call by Scorpio. Then he takes a weak-looking bump from spin kick. Scorpio thrown into the crowd. Sabu does suicide flip dive into front row. Scorpio recovers with a huge power bomb. Then hits a leg drop from the top rope. Sabu does header into a folding chair. Sabu does crazy ass clothesline on Scorpio and they both go over the top rope landing hard on the flooor. Sabu then does flip dive from the apron on to Scorpio on the floor. Scorpio takes two chair shots to the head. Scorpio does running chair shot to Sabu’s head. Sabu gets two with a victory roll. Sabu racks himself after hitting slingshot somersault legdrop. Scorpio hits nice moonsault. He gets two with a sunset flip. Sabu hits top rope victory roll for a near fall. Sabu with a suicide dive through the middle rope. Sabu goes for moonsault to the outside but hits the guardrail. He sets up a table in the crowd. Sabu does flip suicide dive onto Scorpio in the crowd. Scorpio kicks out from moonsault press. Sabu then misses a moonsault. Scorpio hits reverse 360 legdrop but Sabu kicks out. Scorpio hits legdrop onto chair on Sabu. Sabu somehow kicks out. Sabu hits top rope hurricanrana, but Scorpio kicks out. Scorpio hits 450 splash from the top rope. But he doesn’t go for the cover. Sabu goes for some desperation moves, but time expires. A bit sloppy in places, but these guys busted their ass. There were some great high spots and bunch of near falls. Rating: ****

Pulp Fiction montage with the Pitbulls; Sandman and Missy Hyatt; Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie with D.W. Dudley; Blue Meanie and Bubba Ray Dudley; Brian Pillman with his lawyer; J.T. Smith; the Eliminators; Bill Alfonso and Taz. RIP Anthony Durante and John Kronus.