The Bruise Brothers (Ron & Don Harris) jump Tommy Dreamer and crotch him. This after Raven is pissed at him for getting his girlfriend, Beulah, pregnant.

Raven cuts a promo with the Bruise Brothers. Beulah takes her top off but she is facing the three and not the camera.

Fan Cam clip of Shane Douglas and Raven match. Brian Pillman with a camera is ringside. Pillman distracts Douglas with the camera flash. Security tries to break up the two.

Match No. 1: J.T. Smith vs. Axl Rotten. J.T. jumps Axl before the bell. They fight outside the ring. J.T. tossed over the guard rail. he takes a huge chair shot. And a beer can to the head. And a piece of wood. And then Axl chokes him with a rope. He goes over the barricade again. J.T. hits Axl with a blind chair shot. J.T. gives him a ddt to the floor. Back in the ring, Axl does huge back body drop on J.T. Then hits monster clothesline. J.T. falls from the top rope and feigns injury. With his back turned, J.T. nails Axl with chair shot for the pin. J.T. beats on him afterwards, including a moonsault with a chair. He then beats on Hack Myers afterwards. They brawl outside the ring. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 2: Shane Douglas vs. Cactus Jack. Brian Hildebrand and his mullet is the referee. Douglas jumps him before the bell. Outside, Jack hits Shane with a crutch. Jack is wearing a tee shirt that says “Forgive me, Uncle Eric” with a picture of Bischoff on the front. Douglas nails Jack with a crutch. Douglas suplexes Jack onto guard rail. Douglas jumps off top turnbuckle onto Jack behind the guard rail. Douglas puts Jack’s leg through a chair then jumps off top rope onto the chair. Jack slingshots Shane’s throat onto bottom rope. Then drops some elbows. Shane takes nice bump through the ropes and onto timekeeper’s table. Jack puts table on top of him and does running splash onto the table. Jack spits a luger into the air and catches it in his mouth. Jack sets up a chair and hits Douglas with drop toe hold onto the chair. Jack nails Douglas with a piledriver, but he kicks out. Hildebrand gives handcuffs to Douglas. He hits jack and then cuffs him. Jack takes four nasty chair shots to the head. Then three more. Hildebrand asks Jack if he quits. He calls for Vince. And gets two more shots to the head. Jack calls for Mikey Whipwreck. One more chair shot, followed by a figure four leglock. Mikey acts like his going to hit Shane, but hits Jack in the head and knocks him out. If you’re keeping score, that was 11 fucking chair shots to the skull. Great match. Jack took some major punishment. Rating: ****

Match No. 3: Taz vs. Joel Hartgood. Hartgood takes nasty clothesline. Taz gives him a taz plex. Another taz plex on his head. Taz hits taz mission for the submission. Entertaining squash. After the match, a bunch of jobbers come in and all get a tazplex on their head. Mikey Whipwreck comes out and gives Taz a big dropkick. Then a hurricanrana. Taz drops him on his head. An puts him in the taz mission. Rating: **1/2

Shane Douglas gives lessons in life. He tells Jack to tell Vince hello. He says Pillman claims he is the loose cannon. And shows clips of himself doing the same thing. Pulp fiction montage starts. Douglas rambles on about Tommy Dreamer. They show Dreamer and he says something about Dreamer. Joey Styles deciphers things, saying Dreamer will alow Douglas to go for Raven’s belt since he promises to keep Beulah and his future kid safe. What can you say, it was Heyman’s early stuff. A bit raw, but it got a helluva lot better. Rating: **