Match No. 1 (3/8/89, All Japan): Mighty Inoue vs. Masa Fuchi for PWF junior heavyweight title. Match joined in progress. Inoue working on Fuchi’s leg early. Fuchi tossed into the ring barricade. Inoue hits flying forearm. He tries a second, but Fuchi moves and Inoue goes over the top rope. Fuchi throws Inoue into the barricade. Inoue does springboard sunset flip. Fuchi uses Boston crab but Inoue reverses it and Fuchi rolls over for a one count. Fuchi uses victory roll for a two count. He hits enzuigiri and side suplex for a two count. Inoue replies with a slingshot on Fuchi. Inoue gives Fuchi a standing senton. He misses a second. Fuchi hits a backslide for a two count. Inoue does nice rolling head scissors for a two count. Inoue does inside cradle for a two count before Fuchi rolls him over for the pin. Pretty good match but I didn’t like the finish. Rating: ***

Match No. 2 (3/8/89, All Japan): Tiger Mask II (Mitsuhara Misawa) vs. Ricky Steamboat for NWA world title. Match joined in progress. Misawa hits a flying knee. Tiger Mask gets a two count with a dropkick. Steamboat with some hard chops. He hits reverse atomic drop. Tiger Mask with a baseball slide. He pile drives Steamboat on the floor. Steamboat with huge chop from the top rope. Tiger Mask with nice side suplex. He goes to the top rope. And hits a frog splash for a near fall. Tiger Mask follows with a german suplex for a near fall. Steamboat goes for a piledriver but Tiger Mask blocks it and falls onto Steamboat. Steamboat rolls him over for the pin. Another real good match, but again, I wasn’t too keen on the finish. Rating: ***1/2
Match No. 3 (3/16/89, New Japan): Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs. Antonio Inoki. Inoki gets Fujiwara in leg scissors. He finally escapes. They trade holds on the mat. Fujiwara headbutts Inoki to the floor. Inoki kicking the shit out of Fujiwara’s leg. He then puts on the manji-gatame (octupus hold) for the submission. Average match. Rating: ***
Match No. 4 (3/16/89, New Japan): Shiro Koshinaka vs. Hiroshi Hase for IWGP junior heavyweight title. Koshinaka goes right to the eyes. Hase working on the legs. Hase now working on the arm. They trade headbutts. And slaps. Koshinaka now working on the legs. Koshinaka hits a side slam and then applies a camel clutch. Koshinka hit the sleeper but Hase breaks it up. Hase hits powerslam. Koshinaka hits a huge clothesline and applies a leg lock. Hase hits nice Northern Lights suplex. Koshinaka hits powerbomb but Hase kicks out. Nice clothesline by Hase. Hase hits sambo suplex (Golden Arm Bomber) and goes to the top rope. He misses a flying elbow. Koshinaka hits flying hip attack. He tries a second one but Hase catches him. Hase hits nice german suplex followed by another overhead suplex where he bridges. Koshinaka kicks out. He hits the suplex again for the pin. Damn good match with some great moves. Rating: ****

Match No. 5 (3/16/89, New Japan): Riki Choshu & Masa Saito vs. Super Strong Machine (Junri Hirata) & George Takano for IWGP tag team titles. Saito puts Takano in the sleeper hold. Choshu then applies the sleeper. Saito drops Takano over the top rope on his throat twice. Saito working on Machine’s arm. Machine reverses it. Takano does spin kick from top rope on Choshu. Takano hits spin kick followed by a splash from the top rope. Big clothesline by Machine on Saito. Machine with diving headbutt. Takano hits side suplex. Choshu hits knee drop from top rope on Machine. Choshu hits a vertical suplex. Saito & Choshu hit double suplex. Saito holds Takano and Choshu hits him with huge lariat. Saito pounding on Takano’s head and he’s busted open. Choshu gives him a hard boot to the head. Saito smacks Takano hard to the chest. Heels hit a double headbutt. Saito stomping on Takano’s head. Choshu kicks him in the ribs. Takano is a fucking bloody mess. Choshu applies Sasori-Gatami (Scorpion Deathlock/Sharpshooter) on Takano. Machine breaks things up. Takano makes the hot tag to Machine. Machine hits huge lariat on Saito. And then big dropkick. Machine hits flying clothesline on Choshu followed by an underhook suplex (Devil Windmil Suplex). Saito breaks it up. Choshu ducks a clothesline and gives matchine a huge clothesline. Choshu hits huge clothesline but Takano breaks it up. Saito hits a side suplex on Machine for a near fall. Machine makes the tag. Takano does spin kick on Saito. Takano knocks Saito out of the ring and goes for springboard cross body block. Saito moves and Takano hits the floor. Machine dives onto Saito on the floor. Choshu throws Machine into the guardrail. Machine then goes to top rope and dives onto Saito on the floor. Takano makes it back into the ring to beat the countdown. Choshu and Saito put the belts on Takano and Machine. Great fucking match. I didn’t expect much but these guys were awesome. Rating: ****1/2

Match No. 6 (3/16/89, New Japan): Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Tatsumi Fujinami for IWGP Heavyweight title. Match joined in progress. Fujinami kicking the shit out of Lawler’s legs and knees. Fujinami uses spinning toe hold and a leg lock as he continues working on Lawler’s leg. Lawler finally mounts some offense as he hits a headbutt and weak looking clothesline. Fujinami back to working on his leg. He hits a dropkick then misses a second attempt. Lawler with a diving fist for a near fall. Lawler with a suplex and then he drops Fujinami throat first over the top rope. He goes to the top rope and hits another diving fist. Lawler tries to suplex Fujinami from the apron but he reverses in mid-air and catches him in a sleeper. Lawler with a heel kick in the balls to break it up. Lawler hits a pile driver and goes to the top rope. He tries another diving fist but Fujinami catches his fist and then kicks his hand. He has trouble applying the figure four but finally gets it on Lawler. Lawler makes it to the ropes. Fujinami with a weak powerslam followed by a flying forearm. Lawler tries a suplex but Fujinami reverses it and falls on top of him for the pin. Decent match but you would have thought two champions of the time would have done better. Rating: ***