Match No. 1 (2/3/89, New Japan): Naoki Sano & Shiro Koshinaka vs. Hiroshi Hase & Hiro Saito. Saito hasn’t missed too many meals. He’s got a larger gut than most American couch potatoes. Hase with a nice drop kick on Sano. He looks to be the jobber of the three. Hase hits an elbow from the top rope. Sano taking a ton of abuse so far. Sano finally makes the tag. Koshinaka uses the dreaded hip strike. Twice. Hase bails. Hase goes to work on Koshinaka’s knees. Saito does the same, using a splash and leg drop on the leg. Sano goes for boston crab but Hase gets to the ropes. Sano hits nice monkey flip on Hase. Hase hit by double dropkick. Koshinakak hits bulldog on Saito. Sano with a huge dropkick on Saito. He’s got some ups. He hits a suicide cross body block on Saito outside the ring. Hase hits a nice move that is a suplex like a samoan drop except that he bridges. Sano nearly pins Hase with a victory roll. Hase hits nice northern lights suplex. Koshinka goes to drop kick Saito from the top rope but Saito moves and he hits Sano. Koshinaka recovers and uses backslide for the pin on Saito. Started a bit slow, but they really picked it up at the end. Enjoyable match. Rating: ****

Match No. 2 (2/9/89, New Japan): Vader vs. Tatsumi Fujinami. This was back when Vader was wearing the mask. Fujinami was 36, in his prime and in great shape. In fact, he was named both outstanding and best technical wrestler by the Wrestling Observer the year before in 1988, which is damn impressive. Fujinami takes the big guy over with a hip toss. Vader has a second in his corner. Not sure who he is but he looks like Dick Slater. Vader drops Fujinami on the top rope on his throat. He then gives Fujinami a lariat. Now he drops him over the railing outside the ring. Fujinami hits a flying forearm followed by a slam. He goes to the top. Vader catches him and drops him again on the top rope. Huge bump by Vader as he catches Fujinami and they tumble over the top rope. Fujinami hits, big surprise, dragon sleeper. Vader goes to the top. He hits a bell clap from the top rope and then a huge lariat for the pin. Wow, Fujinami does the job to Vader. He got a good match out of the big bastard. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 3 (2/12/89, All Japan): The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. The British Bulldogs. The mat says AWA and it turns out this was the only match ever between the two teams in Kansas City of all places. Verne Gagne is a moron. I’ve seen a lot of bad AWA TV. Yet two of the best tag teams in the world once wrestled each other in your promotion and you never show it? Dynamite and then Davey Boy working on Ricky’s arm. They are keeping him from making the hot tag. He finally makes it. Robert hits two nice dropkicks and two back body drops. Ricky hits a piledriver on Davey Boy but he is in the ropes. Double drop kick but Davey Boy kicks out. They trade pinning attempt in the final minute but time expires. The ring announcer looks to be Eric Bischoff. Only last 5 minutes or so of the match aired. But what aired was pretty good. RIP Davey Boy. Rating: ***1/2

Match No. 4 (2/12/89, All Japan): Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy vs. Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu. This match is also in Kansas City. And for the PWF tag team titles, no less. It looks like Bob Geigel read the match proclamation. And it appears Bischoff is again in the ring, although it is a bit tough to tell with the beard. Gordy opens with Yatsu. Hansen and Yatsu trade kicks and blows. Tsuruta hits high knee on Gordy. Damn, Hansen and Gordy are a tough tag team. They are beating Yatsu’s ass right now. Hansen grabs a chair and clocks Yatsu with it. Gordy goes for a piledriver but Yatsu blocks it, and hits a backdrop. Gordy rolls him over for a pin attempt. Hansen misses a shoulder block in the corner. Tsuruta posts Hansen. Now Yatsu is working on his arm. Hansen takes a header into the camera. It’s hard to believe a match this good is taking place in an AWA ring. They are still working on Hansen’s arm, trying to neutralize the dreaded lariat. Gordy with a nice dropkick on Yatsu followed by a samoan drop. He goes for an abdominal stretch. All four men in the ring. Gordy hits a power bomb on Yatsu but Tsuruta breaks it up. Tsuruta goes for a lariat but Hansen trips Gordy and he misses. Tsurata hits a nice german suplex on Gordy. Hansen makes the save. No he doesn’t. Ref counted to three and we have new tag team champs. Hansen beat the shit out of someone with a suit. Hopefully it was Bischoff. Damn good strong style match. Idiot fans in Kansas City sat on their hands. RIP Gordy and Tsuruta. Rating: ****

Match No. 5 (2/22/89, New Japan): Antonio Inoki vs. Riki Choshu. Choshu sporting a nice mullet. Inoki in pretty good shape for 46. Choshu uses some kind of jumping head scissors move to take Inoki to the mat. Choshu escapes from a headlock by taking Inoki down. Choshu hits two belly to back suplexes on Inoki. He goes for a lariat, but Inoki grabs his arm and puts him in an arm bar. Inoki nails him with enzuigiri followed by a hard punch to the head. And another enzuigiri. Inoki uses what looks like a single chicken wing suplex. Inoki has Choshu in a key lock, long before Pride or UFC. Well, he did spend some time in Brazil as a kid. Choshu kicking and punching Inoki to the mat. Ionoki with suplex. Choshu responds with a belly to back suplex followed by a huge lariat. Inoki kicks out and Choshu looks surprised. He hits another lariat. And another huge one. Inoki kicks out again. Another lariat. And another kick out. A lariat from behind and one from the front finally finishes him. Damn good old school physical match. Rating: ****1/2

Match No. 6 (2/23/89, All Japan): Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu vs. Genichiro Tenryu & Toshiaki Kawada. Damn, Kawada looks young. Kawada starts with kicks on Yatsu. Yatsu answers with some knees. Kawada missing spinning kick. Tsuruta working over Kawada’s arm. Then he chips the shit out of him. Crowd goes crazy as Tenryu and Tsuruta go at it. Tsuruta hits a huge knee. Yatsu hits spike piledriver on Tenryu. Tenryu responds with huge clothesline. Yatsu hits nice belly to back suplex on Kawada. Tsuruta does samoan drop on Kawada. Kawada hits clothesline on Tsuruta. Tenry whips Kawada into Tsuruta. Tenryu follows with huge suplex. Tsuruta and Yatsu drop Kawada with double clothesline and Yatsu hits two bulldogs on him. Kawada blocks the third and uses high-angle belly to back suplex. Tenry drops Yatsu with heavy dropkick. Tsuruta gives Kawada huge knee to the face. He uses abdominal stretch but Tenryu breaks it up. Tsuruta holds Kawada’s leg and Yatsu drops the elbow. Tenryu stomps on Yatsu’s head. Yatsu does nice side suplex on Kawada and then puts him in a leglock in which he is sitting top of his legs. Kawada makes the ropes. He’s holding his knee. Poor bastard is taking a beating. And will likely have to do the job. Tsuruta stalking him. Kawada makes the tag. Tenryu hits a enzuigiri followed by a bridging german suplex for a two count. Tsuruta responds with lariat. Kawada tags in. Tsuruta drops him with a knee. And a second. All four brawling outside the ring. Kawada kicking the hell out of Tsuruta, who is busted open. Tenryu tags in. Now Kawada taking a beating again. Tenryu power bombs Jumbo for a two count. Tenryu takes a knee from the front and back. Tsuruta power bombs Tenryu but Kawada makes the save. Damn, these guys are going at it. Kawada drops Yatsu with back suplex but Jumbo makes the save. Yatsu replies with a german suplex on Kawada. Jumbo drops Tenryu on the top rope on his throat. They trade small packages for a two count. Tenryu with another small package and an enzuigiri. Kawada and Yatsu trade kicks. Yatsu hits german suplex on Kawada but Tenryu saves. Jumbo destroys Kawada with a boot to the face. And then pins him with a belly to back suplex. Excellent tag team match. It doesn’t get better than this. Rating: *****

Match No. 7 (2/27/89, UWF): Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kazuo Yamazaki. They trade kicks early. Yamazaki tries for an ankle lock. Not much happening so far. Takada does some kind of suplex/throw and follows with an arm bar attempt. Yamazaki counters. They trade hard kicks. Takada gets a half boston crab. Yamazaki escapes. Takada goes for an arm bar. Takada hits a choke. Yamazaki reaches the ropes. More kick trading. Yamazaki gets an ankle lock, which he turns into a half boston crab. Takada escapes but takes four kicks and hits the mat. Yamazaki 1-0. Takada takes another high kick and hits the mat. Yamazaki 2-0. Takada responds with three kicks that knocks down Yamazaki. Yamazaki 2-1. Takada gets knee bar. Yamazaki taps. This was decent, but don’t see how it was one of the best matches of the year. Rating: ***1/2