Match No. 1: Rene Goulet vs. Corporal Kirschner. Boston Garden has classic wooden ring steps with metal railings. Kirschner blows an arm drag attempt. Hard to believe Goulet is 53. Goulet uses the claw on Kirshner. Kirschner pins Goulet with a Samoan backdrop. Rating: **1/2 Kirschner is a bit sloppy, but nothing blatant. The veteran Goulet is obviously playing the teacher role.

Match No. 2: Leaping Lanny Poffo vs. Bret Hart with Jimmy Hart. Poffo does handspring. He looks like an 80s porn star with the hair and moustache. Hart looks very solid in one of his early WWF matches. Hart blocks a monkey flip and gets the pin. Rating: *** The crowd isn’t into it, but Hart’s strong style makes this into an entertaining match.

Match No. 3: Tony Garea vs. Jim Neidhart with Jimmy Hart. Like Hart, this is an early match in Niedhart’s WWF career and they use an old-timer who later became a road agent to help school Niedhart. Hart is using the megaphone ringside. This is also one of Hart’s early appearances in WWF. Niedhart isn’t showing much in singles competition, which may be why the Hart Foundation became a tag team. Niedhart is blown up in about 10 minutes. Niedhart wins with a power slam. Rating: **1/2 Niedhart doesn’t show much besides power moves in this match.

Match No. 4: Mr. USA Tony Atlas vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage with Elizabeth. This is also an early WWF match for Savage. Atlas is huge. Savage gives on the kids in the crowd a hard time. Elizabeth looks 80s gorgeous with the feathered hair and ton of makeup. Savage wins after taking a power slam from Atlas and rolling him up with small package. Rating: ***1/2 Entertaining match thanks to Savage. RIP Liz.

Match No. 5: Cowboy Bob Orton vs. Pedro Morales. Morales in pretty good shape for 43. Orton is wearing his legendary cast. Tons of Boston cops around the ringside area. Yet another match with a veteran vs. a youngster and/or relative newcomer. Orton is beating the shit out of Morales. Orton takes nice sliding bump onto the floor. Orton takes bump into ref. Maybe Dusty is watching. Morales has pin but no ref. Orton hits Morales with cast for the pin. Rating: ***1/2 Another entertaining match between two veterans. Orton is a pleasure to watch despite the pale, flabby, unkempt appearance.

Match No. 6: Don Muraco with Mr. Fuji. vs. Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat. Crowd throwing shit at Muraco. This is also one of Steamboat’s early WWE matches. Steamboat choking Muraco with his black belt. Gorilla Buffoon says Steamboat (a Hawaiian) was Pearl Harbored by Muraco (a Hawaiian with a Japanese manager). I’m waiting for Buffoon to call Fuji a sneaky Oriental. Like Savage, Steamboat is very sharp and quick. (This match is about a year-and-a-half before their classic match in Wrestlemania III). Nice dropkick by Muraco. Steamboat takes nice bump over the top rope. Fuji uses dreaded cane on Steamboat. Muraco looks like Big Pussy from Sopranos. Muraco takes nice Flair-esque bump into the corner. Steamboat slingshots Muraco over turnbuckle into the ringpost. Unfortunately, Muraco juices while on the mat and before he hits the post, and the idiot Buffoon actually points it out. Muraco is a mess. Idiot Hayes tries to cover for missed spot. Steamboat DQ’d for using cane on Muraco and/or shoving referee. Rating: **1/2 Weak finish, ref bump and early blade job downgrade this match.

Segment: Piper’s Pit with Bruno Sammartino. Piper says everything in Boston is old, including the broads. Piper makes crack about Boston’s school segregation. Sign in crowd says Piper has AIDS. Piper cracks on guy with the sign. Piper says Sammartino is afraid to appear. Sammartino then runs to ring and attempts to cut a promo. Pro-Italian Boston crowd overlooks his terrible mic skills. Piper calls Sammartino a piece of shit and slaps him. Sammartino then mounts Sammartino before Orton hits him with the cast. Orton holds Sammartino and Piper then kicks him in the nuts. Rating: **** Great segment. Vince Russo and TNA should take notes.

Match No. 7: Mike Rotundo & Dan Spivey vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Brutus Beefcake for the WWF tag team titles. Rotunda is teaming with Spivey after U.S. Express partner Barry Windham quit WWF months earlier. Spivey is in a second from the top match with only one year of wrestling experience. Buffoon alludes to this by saying he is not familiar with Spivey. Cops make beeline into crowd for what must be a fight. Absolutely no heat for this match. Fans don’t care about the faces. Beefcake rolls over Spivey for pin, to retain tag title. Rating: *** Average match, Spivey way too green for this spot on the card.

Match No. 8: Terry Funk with Jimmy Hart vs. Junk Yard Dog. JYD is in main event after one year in WWF. Funk also is about a year into his first WWF stint. Typical JYD match. Funk plays a good foil. JYD wins with small package after Hart interferece. Funk attacks JYD after the match. Rating: *** Short, average match. Funk and Hart save this from a lower rating. RIP JYD.

Match No. 9: Moondog Spot & Barry O vs. The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid). Bulldogs are on major juice. Barry O is high on the card and his brother, Bob Orton, the much better wrestler, is on the undercard. Dynamite is a pleasure to watch. Idiot Hayes is putting over Dynamite’s physique. The guy is 5-8, 200. Sure, that’s natural. Spot wrestling decently in this match. Damn, he’s actually got a decent resume despite the gimmick. Dynamite pins O with cross body block. Rating: *** Surprisingly good match, considering heels are basically in the jobber role. RIP Davey Boy & Spot. Hang in there, Dynamite, you tough bastard.