Prime Time Wrestling with Jesse Ventura and Jack Reynolds.

Match No. 1: “Dr. D” David Shultz vs. Salvatore Bellomo. This match aired four days after the infamous John Stossel interview where Shultz slapped the shit out of the 20/20 reporter. The interview likely happened the same day as this match. Shultz his flying elbow from second rope but Bellomo kicks out. Gene Okerlund and Gorilla Buffoon on commentary. Shultz gets the pin with a suplex. I give this an extra star for him bitch-slapping Stossel before/after the match. Actually, this was the same day as Howard Finkel announces the decision on the MSG mics. Rating: **

Match No. 2: Dick Murdoch vs. Samoan No. 1. No idea why they don’t just call him Afa. Murdoch doing some great clowning after taking a headbutt from Afa. Murdoch goes to the eyes. Hillbilly Jim shown at ringside. Murdoch chokes Afa with the tag rope. Murdoch is great reacting to the moves by Afa. Murdoch nails Afa in the head with brown bag holding bottle of some kind. Bell rings. Match is a draw. Murdoch asks for five more minutes. Match restarts. Murdoch takes headbutt and heads to the locker room. Entertaining match between two vets. Murdoch’s antics worth an additional star. RIP Dick. Rating: ***

Gorilla Buffoon interviews Mad Dog Vachon. He’s a scary looking bastard.

Match No. 3: “Mad Dog” Vachon vs. “Quickdraw” Rick McGraw. Vachon is 56 and still wrestling. This match was about a year before McGraw’s death. He’s a bulky guy and it was obviously steroid related since he was only 30. Vachon with a a rest hold right away. Weak dropkick by McGraw. Vachon kicks out several times. McGraw misses dropkick. Vachon hits spike piledriver for the pin. Terrible match. RIP Rick. Rating: *

Buffoon interviews David Sammartino. Terrible.

Match No. 4: Moondog Spot vs. David Sammartino. Shot of Chuck Wepner at ringside. This is a snoozer. Sammartino hits knee drop. Spot kicks out. Spot goes for the pin, but Sammartino hits small package for the pin. Nothing much in this one. Spot jumps him after the match. RIP Spot. Rating: *

Buffoon interviews Tito Santana, kisses his ass.

Match No. 5: Tito Santana vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Fans throwing shit at Valentine during the intros. First time I’ve seen Lou Albano in a long time. Santana attacks Valentine immediately. These guys are beating the shit out of each other. Valentine takes chair shot. Before he picks up the chair, you can see him reach into his boot for the blade. Bell rings as Santana beats on Valentine. Santana gets DQd. Good action, fans realy into the match. Rating: ***

Match No. 6: Adrian Adonis vs. Sika. This one starts slowly. Adonis starting to put on some weight. But he is still quick in the ring. Adonis pulls out of glove. Swings at Sika, who ducks, and he hits the ref. Adonis DQd. Short and not much to this one. RIP Adrian. Rating: *

Match No. 7: Brutus Beefcake with Luscious Johnny Valliant vs. Tony Garea. Garea has teamed with both Pat Patterson and Rick Martel in his career. Yikes. Right as I type that, Garea mounts Beefcake. Beefcake hits flying knee for the pin. Another weak match. Rating: *

Match No. 8: Big John Studd vs. Hulk Hogan. Hogan wearing all white. Actually looks better than the gay red and yellow. Studd beats on Hogan. Now it is time for the Superman comeback. Hogan wins with a clothesline. Way too short for a main event. Heat is worth second star. RIP John. Wow, five of the competitors have passed away, six if you count Buffoon. Rating: **