Match No. 1: Jose Luis Rivera vs. Playboy Buddy Rose. Gary Michael Capetta does the ring announcing and Howard Finkel joins Gorilla Monsoon on commentary. While Monsoon is bad, Finkel is just horrible. Rose is well on his to becoming a fat ass. He gets a horrible looking woman with bad feathered hair to take off his robe. Rose actually does some one arm push ups. Rivera messes up his hair and he gets ringside hag to brush it. Rivera is blown up, while soon-to-be-fat ass Rose, is fine. Hispanic referee helps out Rivera, kicking Rose’s hand of the rope. Rose wins with DDT. Average match, but Rose made it watchable. Rating: ***

Match No. 2: Steve Lombardi vs. Johnny Valliant. An early Lombardi match. Standard teaching vet vs. green rookie match. Valliant wins with elbow drop. Squash match. Lombardi must not have made Patterson happy tonight. Another average match, Valliant made it watchable. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 3: George Wells vs. Charlie Fulton. Who the fuck are these two guys? Fulton making his WWF debut. This is should have been the first match on the card. Wells has an interesting background, having played in the Canadian Football League. Naturally, he wrestled in Calgary, although he didn’t start out there. Long, boring match between two no-names. Rating: **

Match No. 4: Jim Powers vs. Ken Patera. This was after the McDonalds incident and before Patera’s prison stint. This is an early match for Powers, who is juiced big time. Patera nearly wins with elbow drop but he lifts Powers at two. He then hits a suplex where he holds him for five seconds. Patera wins with the swinging full nelson. Another squash match, but Patera’s post-match antics raised it a bit. Rating: **1/2

Match No. 5: S.D. Jones vs. Bobby Heenan. This is one of Heenan’s early WWF appearances. This is one of his rare in-ring appearances for WWF. Heenen grabs tights for the pin. Great job by Heenan in this match taking bumps, cheating for the win. Rating: ***

Match No. 6: Penny Mitchell & Peggy Patterson vs. Desiree Petersen & Velvet McIntyre for WWE women’s tag team titles. One question: why? Pop corn match. Fast forward. Rating: None

Some Jersey clown interviews George Wells. He says he sacked or hit Joe Theismann so many times he came to the NFL.

Cal Rutman is the clown’s name. He interviews Luscious Johnny Valliant. He introduces a young Brutus Beefcake. Dipshit calls him Johnny Valentine.

Dipshit interviews Bobby Heenan and Big John Studd.

Match No. 7: Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff vs. Junk Yard Dog. Hennan is in Orndorff’s corner. Both guys are in their first year with WWF. First five minutes is all clowning around. Orndorff slams JYD who rolls him over for the pin. Orndorff and Heenan are pissed. Average match made semi-interesting by three vets. And boosted by post-match action. Orndorff jumps JYD afterwards to regain his heat. JYD meets the ring post. He juices. Orndorff crowns him with a hard chair shot. Rating: ***1/2

Piper’s Pit. Scheduled guest is Junk Yard Dog. Piper rips on New Jersey. Fans are pissed, throwing shit at him and Orton. Piper brings some guy from New Jersey to the ring. Then some woman wearing a Hulk Hogan button. Piper calls out JYD. Salvatore Bellomo comes out. Piper calls him a dumb wop. Orndorff joins Piper and Orton. Bellomo about to get jumped. JYD makes the save with a chain. Great segment. Rating: **** RIP JYD.

Match No. 8: Cowboy Bob Orton vs. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Orton jumps Snuka at the bell. Both go over top rope. Ref calls for countout. Shitty finish to short match. After the match, Orton goes for superplex. Snuka blocks it with headbutts. Snuka climbs to top rope but Orton rolls out of ring. Rating: *

Match No. 9: Salvatore Bellomo vs. Brutus Beefcake with Johnny Valliant. Beefcake wins with flying knee in squash match. Rating: *

Match No. 10: Big John Studd with Heenan vs. Hulk Hogan for WWF world heavyweight title. Crowd goes crazy for Hogan. Heenan says $15,000 body slam challenge is still on. Hogan tries to slam Studd. He can’t get him up. He tries several times. He nearly gets him up. Hogan goes into stell post. He’s showing color. Studd drops forearm from top rope. Hogan slams Studd outside of the ring. Studd counted out. Another short match, shitty finish. Weak card. Rating: **