Match No. 1: Jesse Ventura vs. Ivan Putski in Madison Square Garden

Ventura cuts great promo, calling him Peduski numerous times.

Ventura is in great shape, as is Putski. There is enough testosterone in the ring for six normal men. Ventura has multi-colored hair. Commentators are Gorilla Buffoon and Lord Alfred Heinous. Yup, I hate both of those clowns. Ventura not doing much in this match. MSG is packed. Ventura has his chest hair shaved so it is an arrow pointing down. Looks like a ripoff of Sterling Golden (Hulk Hogan) a couple of years earlier. Ventura does classic bit where he chokes Putski with athletic tape. Ventura pulls out a foreign object and hits Putski, who is then counted out of the ring. Rating: **1/2 Average match, hurt by piss-poor finish. Ventura didn’t really do any wrestling in the match, only bits and some selling.