Match 1: High Flyers (Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne) vs. East-West Connection (Jesse Ventura & Adrian Adonis)

Jesse and Adrian cut a promo with Gene Okerlund.

Damn, Greg Gagne is skinny. And speaking of skinny, Adrian Adonis is two hundred pounds lighter than his “Adorable” days. Boy can he work at this weight. Brunzell is in great shape. Adonis takes a couple of great bumps in the corner. Ventura doesn’t show me much. Ventura holds Gagne and Adonis comes down to make it a spike pile driver for the pin.

Rating: ***1/2 Thankfully, I didn’t grow up in the Midwest and have to endure a bald champion and his skinny son as the top two babyfaces. Standard match, work of Adonis increases the rating.