Ed Whalen opens the show with John Foley in the ring. He’s talking about all the money he now has. He wants to pay Big Daddy Ritter to get rid of his problems.

Match No. 1: Hercules Ayala vs. Louie Lawrence. Ayala with some big fists follwed by an elbow and then some stomps. He uses a bear hug and Lawrence submits. Squash. Rating: **

Whalen in the ring with Bruce Hart and Mr. Wrestling II. They both talk about Dynamite Kid, who was only 20 at the time. Mr. Wrestling is terrible on the mic.

Match No. 2: Mr. Wrestling II vs. Dynamite Kid. Dynamite is tiny, maybe 175 pounds. His frame just wasn’t big enough to support all the muscle he packed on using the juice. Dyanamite cheap shots Mr. Wrestling and he gets pissed. Nice head scissors by Dynamite. Crowd is dead. This one is mostly mat work. This one is putting me to sleep. Wrestling uses a bulldog. Dyanamite opens the ropes for Wrestling, then when he climbs through, Dynamite rolls him up for the pin. Average match, but I liked the finish. Rating: ***

Ed Whalen interviews Stu with a couple of fans

Match No. 3: Big Daddy Ritter vs. Gilbert Hayes. Like Dynamite, Ritter is a lot smaller than he was during his Junk Yard Dog days and in pretty good shape. Not sure what to think of this one. Hayes is actually getting most of the offense, working on Ritter’s leg. Jim Neidhart is in the corner of Hayes. Ritter misses a headbutt. Neidhart, who has hair, holds back John Foley on the ring apron and Ritter runs into him and Hayes rolls him up for the pin. This is a best-of-three falls match, which is now tied. These guys are sloppy. Either Ritter isn’t working well with Hayes, or Hayes just sucks. That’s two botched roll up attempts so far. Ritter is winded so even when he was in shape his cardio still sucked. Neidhart comes into the ring and Hayes is disqualified. Boring match, with a somewhat interesting ending. Rating: **1/2